FlexDSL Telecommunications AG, Switzerland

We are a manufacturer of state of the art telecommunication equipment who has specialized in wire-line transmission technologies and customized transmission solutions.


Orion1, Orion2 and Orion3 SHDSL Modems, LTU & NTU

MiniFlex SHDSL Modems, Subrack, Dinrail & MiniRack

FlexGain Subrack, SHDSL Orion1, Orion2, Orion3 Modems & Fiber Optic Modems & Multiplexer

SHDSL and SHDSL.bis Solutions

FlexDSL offers a broad range of SHDSL and SHDSL.bis modems (famous Orion1, Orion2, Orion2+, Orion3 and Discovery series) and repeaters/regenerators targeted to meet both typical carrier and access network needs as well as industrial requirements. While offering standard products, FlexDSL also offers highly flexible and customized telecommunication solutions that can be smoothly integrated into existing third party telecommunication platforms.

Our SHDSL and SHDSL.bis units support following interfaces: Ethernet (10/100Base-T), E1 (G.703, 704), Nx64 (V.35, V.36, X.21, V.28), RS-232 (V.24), RS-485, SFP (Optical Fiber, 100Base-FX), FXO/FXS. We have solutions for 19", Dinrail, Outdoor, Wallmount & Desktop.

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MiniFlex - SHDSL.bis Extended Mini DSLAM

The MiniFlex platform is a special part of the Orion3 product family. Beside of having up to 10 dual Orion3 SHDSL.bis Extended line cards there is a feature-rich managed layer 2 Ethernet switch included. This switch has 8 auto sensing front accessible 10/100 Base-T ports as well as 2 gigabit Ethernet ports with fiber and 2 gigabit Ethernet ports with copper connectivity. ISP, Ring and Bonding application are possible with high speed 15Mbit/s data transmission over each SHDSL.bis port as well over fiber optic ports.

Our MiniFlex units support following interfaces: Ethernet (10/100/1000Base-T), SFP (Optical Fiber, 100Base-FX). We have solutions for 19", Dinrail, Wallmount and Desktop.

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FlexGain - Universal Access Platform

FlexGain is an universal and multi-protocol access platform. In a single 19"/6U chassis operators can deploy a complete range of FlexDSL and MEGATRANS transmission systems, fiber-optic modems, TDM multiplexer and cross-connect modules. Giving a unique low start-up cost in combination with fully distributed and redundant architecture FlexGain platform allows building flexible, yet cost-effective access networks to deliver voice and data services over copper or fiber-optic lines.

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