Experts in voice and data transmission over copper and fiber.

FlexDSL Products

SHDSL and SHDSL.bis solutions

FlexDSL offers a broad range of SHDSL and SHDSL.bis modems and repeaters designed to meet both carrier and access network needs as well as industrial requirements.

Our modems support various interfaces (Ethernet, E1, Serial) and available in different enclosures.

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Fiber Optic Modems

FlexDSL MiniFlex Fiber Modems allow Ethernet and Serial data transmission over Fiber Cables.

Few models from the Orion3 Family operate as the Fiber Modem with an SHDSL Fallback.

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Industrial Managed Switches

A wide range of Modular and Standalone Managed Ethernet Switches allow secure Ethernet and legacy Serial data transmission over modern packet networks.

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Industrial SHDSL Router

The FlexDSL GigaFlex industrial SHDSL Router was developed for mission-critical applications such as SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) or Telecontrol Networks.

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MiniFlex IP Multiplexer and interface extenders for harsh environment

The MiniFlex platform consist of IP Multiplexer and interface extenders that allows network operators to transmit Ethernet, TDM, Serial data and Voice over copper and fiber media.

All members of MiniFlex Family are designed for harsh environment.

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Industrial Smart SFP Modules

We provide various Smart SFP Modules with industrial and commercial temperature options.

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Voice over IP Gateways

FlexDSL FlexCon and FlexDSL MiniFlex product families include Voice over IP Gateways designed for harsh environment.

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Ethernet over E1 and TDMoIP Gateways

FlexDSL MiliFlex product family includes Ethernet to E1 converters that allow Ethernet data transmission over legacy E1 links and TDMoIP (CESoPSN, SAToP) Gateways.

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Rugged Outdoor Ethernet Extenders

FlexDSL Orion3 and MiniFlex units are available in rugged enclosures for outdoor usage.

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Power over Ethernet

Power over Ethernet standalone module allows power insertion into the standard Ethernet cable and supplies the remote PoE-enabled devices such as cameras, VoIP phones.

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Dry Loop (Input and Output) over IP

FlexDSL MiniFlex product family includes the units that transmit dry loop contacts (Inputs and Outputs) over packet networks.

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