FlexDSL Orion


FlexDSL Orion

FlexDSL Orion includes a wide range of SHDSL modems targeted to meet both typical carrier applications as well as access network needs. FlexDSL Orion modems are based on industrial components and manufactured according to highest quality standards providing additional value due to extended temperature range and high reliability.

Supporting E1 (G.703/704) with a choice of 120 Ohm balanced or 75 Ohm unbalanced, the FlexDSL Orion 1 SHDSL modem additionally offers a universal Nx64 interface that can be adapted to V.35, V.36, X.21 and even V.24 (RS232) interfaces.

The Line Termination Unit (LTU) even supports Ethernet bridging by presenting a 10/100BaseT Ethernet interface. E1 as well as Nx64 and Ethernet interfaces can be operated simultaneously by easy software configuration. Both, NTU and LTU can be configured to operate either in master or slave mode providing maximum flexibility. While the LTU offers the opportunity to remotely power the NTU over the SHDSL line, it even has the ability to remotely power additional FlexDSL Orion SHDSL repeaters.

Optional Point-to-Multipoint support allows not only simple Point-to-Point campus applications, but also provides the opportunity to serve two different sites from one single FlexDSL Orion modem.

With an analog voice port extension (FXS/FXO) the FlexDSL Orion modems can easily be upgraded to a comprehensive Integrated Access Device (IAD) for complete, easy, and reliable voice and data convergence.

The FlexDSL Orion series is available in various types of housings and mechanics, not only for office use, but also for industrial environments.