Voice over IP Products

Industrial VoIP Gateways and Serial Converters.



FlexCON VoIP allows voice (FXS, FXO and VF) and Serial (RS-232/RS-485) data transmission over packet networks.

Unlike commonly available SOHO gateways, the FlexCON VoIP acts not only as FXO (Foreign Exchange Office) or FXS (Foreign Exchange Subscriber) phone line extender, but supports the voice-spectrum leased line as well. The voice-frequency leased line (VF), if been transmitted over packet networks, creates transparent media for legacy leased-line modems, conference bridges and SCADA systems. Build-in clock recovery subsystem adapts clock frequency of slave FlexCON VoIP gateways to the master clock. This feature improves connection stability of leased-line modems and increases their transmission speed. E&M Type V channel works in parallel with leased line channel and able to force Radio station frequency selection, connect to legacy analogue multiplexers and conference bridges.

FlexCON VoIP uses SIP protocol for voice transmission over the packet network. It can connect to VoIP PBX, or it can arrange leased line between two FlexCON VoIP gateways, conference bridge, or even can work as distributed PBX.

FlexCON VoIP carries two Serial data interfaces (RS-232/RS-485). These interfaces designed for connection of SCADA controllers. The build-in RSoverIP protocol is compatible with other products from Orion3 and MiniFlex families.

Small size, hardened enclosure and wide input power range making FlexCON VoIP a perfect choice for mission-critical applications like Railway infrastructure, Smart Grid, as well as for Networks alongside Oil and Gas Pipelines.