MiniFlex SHDSL

Compact SHDSL modems for harsh environment.

MiniFlex SHDSL TDM-Based

MiniFlex SHDSL


The FlexDSL MiniFlex TDM-based SHDSL.bis product family offers a broad range of products, which are based on the latest SHDSL.bis standards (ITU-T G.991.2 & ETS TS 101524), while also being fully interoperable with all our existing SHDSL equipment (Orion1, Orion2, Orion3). The FlexDSL MiniFlex supports beside of the standardized TC-PAM16/32 also the new extended TC-PAM4/8/64/128 line coding. SHDSL.bis allows symmetrical data and voice transmission at speeds up to 15Mbps over a single pair of copper. In addition, the FlexDSL MiniFlex SHDSL.bis modem range also supports DSL channel bonding for up to 2 copper pairs in order to achieve speeds up to 30.4Mbps.

If using in a chain, in case of a failure of an intermediate MiniFlex SHDSL.bis, the SHDSL lines can be bypassed with the help of an optional Bypass Relay Line Card. In that case, the DSL Bypass Relay Line card will automatically switch the incoming SHDSL ports to the outgoing SHDSL ports, keeping the chain in operation.

An integrated 2 port Ethernet layer 2 managed switch with VLAN, QoS and RSTP support (10/100BaseT) ensures connectivity to IP services.

The FlexDSL MiniFlex SHDSL.bis modems is a perfect solution for a wide range of applications in which IP services need to be transmitted over copper wires. The MiniFlex product is a small-sized Orion3 NTU unit with all the functionality included.

Like all FlexDSL Orion products the FlexDSL MiniFlex SHDSL.bis modems are based on industrial components and manufactured according to highest quality standards providing additional value due to the extended temperature ranges and higher reliability. The combination of comprehensive functions providing maximum flexibility together with the higher quality of the FlexDSL MiniFlex SHDSL.bis product family make it the perfect choice for all your DSL needs.

MiniFlex SHDSL EFM-Based



The MiniFlex EFM-based SHDSL.bis product family were especially designed for the applications where the compatibility with third-party equipment should be maintained.

The MiniFlex EFM-based products can operate with the similar peer, with the GigaFlex SHDSL or with a third-party EFM-based DSLAM or MSAN.

The ITU-T 991.2 (G.shdsl) and IEEE 802.3 standards are supported.

The dual-channel unit supports up to 30.4Mbps data transmission and can operation in point-to-point, chain, ring and in the star applications.



The four-port EFM-based model has the similar features as the two-channel unit, but it can aggregate up to four SHDSL pairs in the bonding link, providing up to 60.8 Mbps data channel.

Like in the two-port EFM-based model, the integrated Gigabit Ethernet Switch contains two 10/100/1000Base-TX ports with VLAN, QoS and Spanning Tree support.

Both two- and four-channel models support various DC and AC input power types.