FlexView NMS

Network Management System for Orion2, Orion3 and MiniFlex modems.

FlexView NMS

FlexView is a Network Management System designed for managing the FlexDSL Orion2, Orion3 and MiniFlex modems. FlexView based on SNMPc Workgroup or Enterprise edition.

The FlexView uses SNMP v1, V2c or secured V3 protocol to negotiate with Network elements. It stores all information inside an internal database and provides export features to 3-rd party databases like Microsoft© SQL Server or Microsoft© Access.

FlexView NMS available in two versions: Workgroup or Enterprise:

Workgroup Enterprise
Network elements ˂ 1000 ˂ 10000
User consoles 1 10
Server 1 1 or 2

FlexDSL Orion2, Orion3 and MiniFlex modems have build-in SNMP agent, so no management card is required for operation. Meanwhile for large installations it is recommended to use the FG-21SWU-SR,V2 module that reduces the number of required IP addresses and simplifies Shelf management.