Fiber Optic Modems

Flexible solutions for Telecom and Industry.

MiniFlex Fiber Interface Extenders

MiniFlex Fiber

The MiniFlex Fiber Interface extenders designed for high reliable data transmission over fiber. They support single and dual SFP modules and transfer Ethernet or Serial (RS-232/RS-485) data. MiniFlex Fiber can be used in point-to-point, star and ring networks.

Small size, hardended enclosure and wide input power range making MiniFlex Fiber Interface Extenders a perfect choice for mission-critical applications like Railway infrastructure, Smart Grid, Networks alongside Oil and Gas Pipelines as well as for Offshore communications.

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Orion3 Fiber Modems with the SHDSL Fallback

Orion3 Fiber with SHDSL Fallback

The FlexDSL Orion3 Fiber Modems were especially designed for applications where Fiber and Copper links coexist. These Modems contain Single or Dual SFP Modules and have four SHDSL.bis Interfaces.

They can be used as an Interface Extenders over a mixed link where a part runs over Copper and the other part runs over Fiber medium. Alternatively, these Modems can provide an additional Link Fault Protection by implementing the SHDSL Fallback.

The SHDSL Fallback automatically occurs upon a failure of a Fiber Link and the traffic will be automatically switched back as soon as the Fiber channel will be ready again.

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