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MiniFlex 4x E1 G.703/G.704 DINrail Unit

MiniFlex Pseudowire and TDMoIP


MiniFlex E1 DINrail unit allows, depending on an installed Firmware, either Ethernet data transmission over E1 links or E1 channels transmission over Packet Networks.

E1 interface card has four E1 channels and single Ethernet interface connected to the backplane of the MiniFlex rack. The E1 channels can be bonded, so the Ethernet data can reach 8 Mbps in converter mode.

In TDMoIP mode the E1 channels may be created either between two units, or arrange "star" topology where central card serves four remote locations.

In Converter mode the MiniFlex E1 interface card is compatible with Orion3 devices, while in TDMoIP mode it is interoperable with third-party products that support SAToP (RFC4553), CESoPSN (RFC5086) or CESoETH (MEF-8).