FlexDSL Orion3/MiniFlex

Rugged Industrial Outdoor Units.

MiniFlex DIN-Rail Unit in IP 67/68 Rated Enclosures

Rugged Outdoor Units

FlexDSL Orion3 and MiniFlex units fulfill additional standards for rough industrial environment (EN 50121-4, EN 50124-1, EN 50125-3, IEC 61850-3 etc). Therefore, they can be installed into various outdoor enclosures.

We offer our customers IP67 or IP68 grade enclosures made from plastic or aluminum.

Repeater as Rugged Industrial Modem

Rugged Outdoor Units

Orion repeaters can be adapted and used as rugged industrial modems (LTU/NTU mode). Additionally, almost any Orion NTU can be installed in an IP 67/68 rated repeater enclosure. This allows special outdoor installations and use in harsh environments.